• GPS Current Interrupters:
GPS current interrupters are equipped with Global Positioning System (GPS) engines
for precise interruption synchronization. The GPS engine is on at all times to ensure
500 nanosecond timing synchronization.


DC Capability
AC Capability
25 amps
20 amps
50 amps
20 amps
100 amps
100 amps
200 amps
200 amps
  • CIPS Survey Equipment
HEXCORDER Graphica (CIPS) Survey Equipment:
40 Key keyboard
GPS synchronization and Coordinate Logging
3600 mAH Nickel Metal Hydride
Rechargeable Battery 512K Non Volatile CMOS RAM Standard, Up-
  gradable to 2Mbytes
Light Wire Dispenser, 2 Half Cell Extensions, 2 CuCuSo4 Half Cells,
  Connecting Cables, Manual, Battery Charger and Carrying Case
Optional Waveform Software
Optional Differential correction for sub-meter coordinate accuracy
  • DCVG Survey Equipment
Direct Current Voltage Gradient Equipment (DCVG) For Coating Integrity Survey

Digital DCVG Survey Instrument
with GPS

Analogue DCVG Instrument

  • DCVG-CIPS Hexcorder Millennium

  • CMOS circuitry
  • Low power consumption
  • 3.6A/H NmH Battery
  • 250 X 64 LCD Graphic Display
  • 1 Mbyte CMOS RAM standard
  • Wave Form Software Included
  • CIPS Capable
  • DCVG capable
  • Measures distance
  • GPS Interruption Synchornization
  • Stores GPS Time and Coordinates
  • Comes Complete with:
  • GPS Engine and Antenna
  • Battery Charger
  • Carry Case
  • Wire Dispenser
  • 1 Spool of wire
  • 2 Half Cell Extensions
  • 2 CuCuSO4 Half Cells
  • -RS232 cable
  • Hexcorder Millennium is shipped ready to use it even

    The CATH-TECH™ Hexcorder Millennium is the ultimate
    survey tool, capable of performing close interval surveys
    (CIPS) as well as direct current voltage gradiant (DCVG)
      CIPS for Potentional Surveys
      DCVG for Coating Condition Survey
    All CATH-TECH™ survey equipment and the Hexcorder
    Millennium is equipped with a GPS engine for interruption Synchronization as well as coordinate display and
    logging, in addition the Hexcorder Millennium can store
    GPS time and Pipeline chainge.
    All CATH-TECH™ Hexcorder Millennium comes with 1Mbytes
    of non volatile CMOS RAM,factory upgradeable to 2Mbytes.
    The Hexcorder Millennium comes with a large Graphic LCD
    for text and graphical display of readings, and 40 key
    QWERTY keyboards for data entry. The Hexcorder
    Millennium is shipped ready to use it even includes new
    CuCuCO4 half cells and a spool of wire.

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