Zang Setizan Shargh Co. (ZSS) has been officially active in the corrosion protection industry since 1998, although its founders were working on large corrosion protection projects under Plarck Sanat, LLC since 1995.

ZSS has an extensive history of success in the following areas:

·        Manufacturing the first standard High Silicon Anodes in Iran approved by National Iranian Oil Company (N.I.O.C.) utilizing an innovative wire connection method.

·        Coating inspection and protective coating design for diverse environments.

·        Material Selection.

·        Cathodic protection design, procurement and construction. (See References)

·        Pipeline above ground surveys, such as Close Interval Potential Survey (CIPS), Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) and Electromagnetic survey methods.

·        Survey equipment distribution and maintenance/warranty services.

ZSS has wide experience in technology imports related to corrosion control and survey technologies. Our most successful project in this area was the introduction of combined CIPS/DCVG equipment designed and manufactured in Canada by Cathodic Technology Limited (Cath-Tech). We are delighted to have introduced these technologies to the Iranian market. We also provided the training required to utilize these technologies and data assessment to improve pipeline integrity.

We are very proud of our completed research and development projects which introduce new innovative technologies and products in the corrosion protection industry.

Please follow our updates as ZSS will introduce eight new innovative technologies and products with registered patents in multiple countries.

ZSS was successful obtaining the Science-Based title from the Iranian Vice-Presidency of Science and Technology in 2021. ZSS is continuously working on technology development related to the Corrosion Control and Monitoring and will introduce these R&D projects for industrial utilization as they are successfully completed.

We aim to export our products and technologies worldwide.

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