Zang Setizan Shargh Co. has been registered in 1998 by Iranian Company's Registration Office. Specialist officers began their activities from 1995 in an industrial tools and machinery parts production company, which has named Plarck Sanat Co. Ltd.

They have started their activities by producing specific casting parts for Automobile, Oil and Gas and food industries.

They established Zang Setizan Shargh Engineering Co. (ZSS) after they designed and produced new types of High Silicon Cast Iron Anodes for Corrosion Protection industry and they get involved in Corrosion Protection market.

ZSS started with producing anodes and after seven months of activity ZSS; CEO succeed to design a new Corrosion Protection System for automobiles, and this research registered as patent in Iran. ZSS get involved with Oil and Gas and Water industry and grow up in Iranian Corrosion Protection market very fast.

Zang Setizan Shargh Engineering Co. provides a complete line of Corrosion Control Services from field surveys and studies to maintenance and operation control of Corrosion Protection Systems. Now ZSS is the leader in Corrosion Industry in Iran and is able to supply all Types of material and equipment needed for corrosion surveys, protection and monitoring. The engineering staffs of ZSS have wide field experience in theory & techniques used to evaluate corrosion mechanism, gathering necessary data to determine a given Corrosion Control situation and to carry out the design installation & testing phase of projects by the most effective systems.

Our management team greatly knows how to save clients budget in different stages of project especially in construction phase.

ZSS research and development department is working on new technology for Corrosion Control in industries; we are greatly honored for our two patents about Cathodic Protection Systems. The First invention is Automobile Body Cathodic Protection System patent number 25868 with Iran Khodro Certification, which is useful on every Metallic Constructions with non-static electrolyte. The second one is, Intelligent Cathodic Protection System, patent number 26126 that has Certification from Energy Ministry of Iran.

ZSS has wide experience in Corrosion Protection industry in Iran, it has done many Cathodic Protection Projects and the biggest and most important one is phase two and three of South Pars in Assaluyeh Port.

ZSS is representing the best technologies for Survey and Corrosion Monitoring.

We offer Cathodic Technology Limited (CATH-TECH) equipment and services for Cathodic Protection and Coating Surveys.

We are able to offer all corrosion inspection equipment and services.

We are going to export our services to all Middle East countries, with our best quality and our competitive prices.

Company Facilities
Man Power Resources
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