• Monitoring Equipment
  • FT Sensors

    FT Sensors are fabricated using Standard telecommunications fiber and Connectors,
    in varying lengths depending upon need. Bare sensors can be Applied to any part of
    a structure (e.g. around a pillar or pipe, along a girder). Coil sensors are provided in
    differing sizes in oblong or circular shapes, with or without central hole allowances to
    enable other measurements such as ultrasound. Both of these sensors families are
    available in normal or high temperature ranges. Ruggedized sensors are designed to
    be embedded into concerte foundations or bolted into support structures. Readouts
    are temperature-compensated and pressure-compensated when required.
    FT Monitors
    The FT Monitor interrogates FT Sensors using light. Sensors lead cables Snapped
    into the monitor, the monitor is activated, and automatic or m annual operation
    commences. Typical measurement time per sensor channel is 2-3 seconds. Collected
    data is eventually uploaded for further or later analysis.
    FT System Software
    Z.S.S provides customized software solution to clients that wish to analyze their own
    data, instead of using our Analysis services. FT Software solution can be provided to
    interface with existing client data management system.
    FT Software functions vary , but normally they include the following:
  • Relational database to store the time-stamped raw data produced
    by FT Monitors, and the site characteristics.
  • Data quality inspection
  • Data filtering and windowing
  • Application specific data analysis capabilities that process raw data
    to extract desired information, such as foundation settling, pipe
    bending or wall thinning.
  • Tabular and graphical display tools
  • Data import features for integrating other data sources into the
    analysis process.
  • Data export features for interfacing with client's existing data
    management systems (i.e. SCADA, other databases, DCS.)
  • Optional import of other data types, and integration into analysis
  • Administrative support function such as security, automated
    backup, data integrity protection, networking are all supplied.
  • User configurable warnings and alarms with email and text
    messaging notification capabilities.

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